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What is Alfie?
Alfie is a fitness concierge who aims to match motivated people who want to stay in shape with qualified trainers. Trainees can ask Alfie to find trainers for a session at any time, anywhere in Montreal, in more than 20 disciplines.
There are so many fitness apps nowadays - So, what makes Alfie this unique ?
Alfie is a fast-growing community sharing fundamental values about being active, people and personal development. Since the beginning, it has never been about enabling you to monitor your workout statistics but to collaborate with great trainers. We believe you will reach your goals by being personally trained by top trainers that care.
When is Alfie coming in my city?
As of now, Alfie is available in Montreal only but will eventually expand to other cities as  well. The ultimate goal is to be the best fitness concierge “from sea to sea”. To find out when we’re coming to you, sign up for our newsletter for future updates at
Who can become a trainer?
All trainers are welcome to apply via our simple sign-up process. To make sure Alfie sessions are safe and the experience is ‘creme-de-la-creme’ as we say, we screen all trainers. We check certifications, experience and proceed with background checks to ensure no criminal records are present.
How do I sign up as a trainer?
Registration is easy. You can <sign up> on the app or at <>
Once I have created my trainer profile, how long does it take to be up and running ?
It takes approximately 1 week to verify trainer qualifications, experience and criminal records, sometimes longer depending on every case. After that, you’re ready to roll.
What does it cost to be a trainer?
Currently, there are no registration fees for the upcoming month. Alfie is free to use.
How does automatic scheduling and payment work?
When clients accept a training offer and book it, the session goes into the trainer’s calendar automatically. When the session concludes, their chosen payment method is charged automatically via the app. It’s all cashless, similar to Uber.
How does Alfie match me with clients?

  1. Alfie takes the date, time, location and sport that a client wishes to practice and sends out a general request to the related trainers’ network. For example, if a client wishes to do boxing, Alfie will send a general request to the boxing trainers’ network.
  2. You will only receive a request if it matches with your profile (the discipline you offer and the distance you are willing to travel).
  3. Once the general request is sent out, all trainers can accept to train the client and send a training offer. Clients can see the training offers of all trainers who have accepted the general request.
  4. The client can then select from one of these available trainers.
  5. As a trainer you will have the ability to accept or decline any training requests that come your way.

What if a client likes her first workout with me and wants to book me again?
Once a client has trained with you, they can favorite you on Alfie to see your schedule and book directly.
Does alfie offer group classes?
 Group classes are not currently available. Watch for updates by subscribing to the newsletter.
What if I have to reschedule or cancel my session?
No worries, you can do it directly from the app. There is no charge to cancel a session or reschedule provided you do so within the change window. Otherwise you pay a late cancel fee.

  1. If the trainee is registered and wishes to cancel the class less than 12 hours before the class, the full payment will be processed.
  2. If the trainee is registered and wishes to cancel up to 12 hours before the class, 50% of the class fee will be charged.
  3. If the trainee is registered and wishes to cancel up to 24 hours before the class, no fees are charged.

What happens if a client doesn’t show up for a booked session?
Should the trainee miss a confirmed Alfie session, the trainee will be charged the full fee and might possibly receive a bad star rating.
What happens if a trainer doesn’t show up for a booked session?
If the trainer does not attend the class, the trainee will receive full refund.
How do I provide feedback, suggestions and ideas?
We gladly welcome feedback and appreciate comments, ideas, suggestions, etc. Feel free to e-mail us at .

My Account
How do I access my trainer account ?
You can access your trainer account through the web service by logging in.
How do I access Alfie as a trainee ?
You can access your trainee account through the web service by  logging in. If it is your first time on, then you must first signup. An e-mail will be sent to validate your e-mail address. Click on the link and you will be directed back on the app.
I forgot my password - How do I reset it ?
When you are about to login, click on the “Forgot password?” link at the bottom of the page. An e-mail will be sent to you to reset your password.
How do I change my account information on my trainee profile?
When you are logged in as trainee, click on the Profile section. You can change your profile picture by clicking on the avatar. You can also manage your favorite classes and payment method.
How do I change my account information on my trainer profile?
If you are a trainer,  you can always contact us at
How do I know if I was approved as a trainer ?
We will e-mail or call you personally.

How much can I make with Alfie?
That’s up to you. It depends on your hourly rate and how many sessions you can offer on a weekly basis. Any revenue you make is net of administration fees.
Are there any fees and charges to use Alfie?
Downloading the app is free – for you and your clients. Once you’re up and running, Alfie receives a transaction fee on all Alfie sessions. This fee is fully reinvested in technology, marketing, great events, PR and making your clients happy.
When do trainers get paid?
Because we deal with bureaucracy, payments will be made through wired transfers directly in the trainer’s bank account. Trainers get paid on a biweekly basis.

Do I need to own a smartphone to be a trainer on the Alfie system ?
No, you don’t.
How often do I have to give training ?
There is no minimum time, you are free to provide training sessions whenever you can. That’s the beauty of it.
What is the minimum trainer rating you need to maintain access to Alfie?
Because we are always focused on client satisfaction, the minimum average rating needed to keep your Alfie account in good standing is 3 out of 5 stars.