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Trainer | Fitness means Business

Fitness means Business

The world’s premier fitness concierge App
You run your class, alfie does the maths

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Trainer | Alfie will

Alfie will

  • Notify you of new training enquiries, with an option to respond
  • Enable you to easily update your classes and training information
  • Prompt you when a training offer is accepted or declined
  • Allow you to accept or decline a training request
  • Securely store your trainees’ profiles and personal training plans
  • Monitor your trainees’ performance and progress
  • Give you the flexibility to work when you want, where you want
  • Manage all your bookings in a single calendar
  • Enable you to network with like-minded individuals
  • Showcase your expertise to the community
  • Grow your business, raise your brand, and free-up your mind

Trainer | Alfie… Fitness without stress

Fitness without stress


Are you a certified trainer based in Montreal?

Never miss a booking


Wishing to connect with new clients?

Increase your revenue potential


Apply now to join our community

Advertise your services …

Join alfie now, and get your life back !

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Trainer | Location, Location, Location…

Location, Location, Location…

  • In your studio
  • Outdoors
  • At the trainee’s place
  • In the office
  • At the gym

… It’s up to you and the trainees to decide.

Improve your work/life balance with Alfie.




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Trainer | Location, Location, Location…

Swift, Smart, Secure, Safe, Simple…
That’s Alfie, your fitness concierge.

  • Let alfie do the admin and advertise your services
  • No more double-bookings
  • Tell Alfie when and where you can take on bookings
  • Enjoy prompt payments straight to your bank account
  • No more awkward situations having to chase trainees for outstanding fees…

I’m alfie. Together, we mean business.

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