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About Alfie

A Montreal based company

About | Stop the stress… Focus on fitness.

Stop the stress… Focus on fitness.


Is your life busier than ever?

Do you find it almost impossible to stick to a fitness program?

My name is alfie and I am here to help you reach your fitness goals. Just tell me what you feel like doing,
and I will suggest a selection of classes and trainers, anywhere in Montreal, as and when you want.

I look forward to assisting you,

Your fitness concierge is a Montreal-based company officially registered in Quebec.

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About | Montreal


Designed and developed in Quebec.

– Alfie Team –



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About | Montreal

Core values

  • Recognise the ability of each individual to go further
  • Value efforts and will as much as the results
  • Promote positiveness and enthusiasm
  • Take pleasure in working out
  • Understand the importance of giving as much as receiving